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Exploring Ecosystems: Biodiversity in My Backyard (full curriculum)

Explore the ecosystems of Montana alongside researchers from the Montana Institute on Ecosystems and enhance your students's understanding of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This unit parallels research that is being done in Montana and the Rocky Mountain region and includes five standards-based lessons that align with both the traditional National Standards and Common Core Standards Initiative. Filled with hands-on and inquiry-based activities, these lessons will guide you and your students through the biodiversity of various ecosystems while applying wildlife ecology research techniques to your own local schoolyard. The lessons on ecosystems, biodiversity, wildlife ecology, and climate change were provided by the Montana Institute on Ecosystems (IoE) ( via its CLimate In My Backyard (CLIMB) curriculum series. The lessons can be completed in any order and can be taught independently and outside of the unit. Lesson five can be completed at the end of the unit, or completed in portions after each of the other lessons to complement lessons one through four. Each lesson is approximately one hour long and has options for adapting the lessons to different age groups and extending the learning.

Key Concepts

ecology, ecosystems, climate change, climate, biodiversity, wildlife, data


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Up to five class periods


3-5, 6-8


MT National Science Foundation Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research/Institute on Ecosystems

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Institute on Ecosystems


Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science

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