American Indian Resources
All Native American-related resources are listed here. These STEM resources incorporate a multi-cultural perspective. Many were created by Native American teachers participating in an outreach program of the National Teachers Enhancement Network.

Preventing Soil Erosion
This activity teaches students about the role of plant growth in protecting the Earth from soil erosion. Students observe and discuss examples of soil erosion in photographs and in their own environment. They develop hypotheses connecting plant...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Life Science, Plants, Erosion Control

Rocks and Sand as Art Objects
This is a multi-activity lesson on soils and rocks that teaches students about diversity in the natural world. Students collect and examine rock and soil samples, then describe those samples in individual and group activities. Students also make...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Earth Science, Rock and Soil, Form and Composition

Social Behavior of Ants
This is a lesson on ants that teaches students about social interactions within the insect world and how colonies of social insects work together toward a common goal. Students set up an experiment to observe and record the cooperative...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Life Science, Insects, Social Behaviors

Soil Type Identification
This is a classroom-activity lesson on the diversity and composition of soil types. Students collect, examine, and categorize soil samples found locally. Each student conducts a settling-rate experiment on his/her soil sample after predicting the...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Earth Science, Rock & Soil, Soil Composition

Sorting Plants by Structure and Appearance
This is a multi-activity lesson on plant classification that teaches students about the diversity of the plant world and about the many criteria on which plants can be sorted into categories. Students observe, compare, and sort plants and plant...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Life Science, Plants, Classification

Star Patterns in the Sky
This is an astronomy lesson on constellations that teaches students about distinctive star formations we see in the night skies. Students create visual images and written descriptions of their own imaginary constellation. They also work in groups...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Planetary Science, Constellations, Star Gazing

Sun-dried Foods
This is a classroom activity on food dehydration that demonstrates the concepts of food preservation and of atmospheric humidity. Students predict which types of food contain the highest percentage of water, then air-dry their foods in the...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Atmospheric Science, Humidity, Dehydrating Foods

The Plains as a Food Web
This is a multi-activity lesson on food webs that teaches students about the interconnections among landscapes, animals, plants, and humans. Students research animals and plants indigenous to a particular landform (plains), using source materials...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Earth Science, Landforms, Landscapes and Food Webs

Thunder and Lightning in Native America
This is a language arts lesson that uses native legends about lightning and thunder to show students that story-telling and story-writing are important aspects of human cultures. Students write and illustrate their own stories, after hearing two...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Physical Science, Electricity

Travel by Travois
This is a multi-part activity on environments that encourages students to think about ways in which humans adapt to their surroundings. Students discuss how to limit which items to take during travel, similar to problem-solving decisions made for...   View Details »

Key Concepts: Life Sciences, Ecosystems, Human Adaptation