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Canoes and Buoyant Force

This lesson introduces the concept of buoyant force and how the shape and weight of objects can influence their ability to float. Students will use a spring scale to measure the buoyant force exerted on their handmade canoes, thereby conducting scientific inquiry. They will work in teams to compare the buoyancy of different-sized canoes, recording results in their journals and discussing possible explanations for different results. Readings about the use of canoes for travel and fishing by...     View Details »

Key Concepts: Physical Science, Forces, Buoyancy

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What's Underfoot in Montana?
Soils are complex mixtures of minerals, water, air, organic matter, and countless organisms--the decaying remains of once-living things. There are different types of soil, each with its own set of characteristics. Dig down deep into any soil, and...   View Details »

Key Concepts: soil, dirt, microbe, microorganism,